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There`s a plenty of good reasons for it. Here are some:

Fun & Engaging

Fun & engaging

Research projects in Opineon are fun to participate. This keeps the team motivated and creative.

Deep Consumer Insights

Deep consumer insights

Opineon provides high quality insights and feedback, as opposed to standard quantitative surveys.

Get Inspired

Get inspired

Co-create ideas for your business and marketing communication together with your very customers.

Plenty of Research Tools

Plenty of research tools

The platform comes with a plenty of different research tools for your projects, from discussions and Q&As to photo taking, moodboards and writing stories.

Scientific Approach

Scientific approach

All projects are guided and moderated by a professional cultural anthropologist, ensuring scientific quality of the results.

Tactical or Long-term

Tactical or long-term

With quick, intensive projects we are able to deliver results in the matter of days. Long-term projects and teams can be set up in order to capture trends and behaviour changes.

A different approach
to market research projects

We allow brands to start an efficient, online conversation with their customers, on a per-project basis.

Selected team of consumers engages in the project by participating in different kinds of tasks, like discussions, Q&As, taking pictures or writing stories for instance.

The community is guided by experienced cultural anthropologists, who drives the focus of the community towards the goals of the project.

Project plans

All research projects in Opineon are customized to the needs of the client. The following are typical examples.


3 - 7 days

  • Intensive, Fast-paced project
  • Suitable for tactical tests
  • Quick to setup


~ 2 weeks

  • Standard project length
  • Delivers in-depth insights on the research topic
  • Quick to setup


1 - 3 months

  • Best for analysing trends
  • Monitor changes in behaviour
  • Strong team engagement

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